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Node JS - Standard Stack For Enterprise Development

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Home Automation Mobile Apps as a Service

Increase Your Sales By Building Your Own Real Time Chatbot

If you are here then you would definitely come across online chatbots, Right? You would have seen many chatbots like FB, Slack, Aivo, Botsify, ChatFuel and many more.

How to get Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) API key?

Step by step understanding to generate Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) server key and use it to send Firebase Push notification.

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Server Cost For Mobile and Web App

Why Choose Laravel VueJS Over Other Web Development Frameworks?

There are lots of web development frameworks for building progressive web applications. Javascript frameworks like Angular, React, Backbone, Ember, Meteor and many other were already present in the market. Among these frameworks, Angular and React JS dominates web world and are used most by the developers

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React Native vs Native App Development - Benefits, Pros & Cons, Quality

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How Much Upgrade And Mobile App Maintenance Costs?

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Why Restaurants Owner Need On-demand Food Delivery App?

Many a times it feels tedious to stand in a queue to take away dinner after a very busy and tired day. People wish to have their food at their home when they arrive their place. This is when restaurant owner need to think to have an on-demand food delivery app for their restaurant.

Java vs Kotlin - What To Choose For Android App Development


Kotlin, an open-source project, first appeared in 2011. Time passed and the debut on which language is better for Android App Development started. Java vs Kotlin is yet the most discussed topic among the developers while it is the most confusing topic for non-tech people. We did deep research on various app development programming languages and came up with some true points which needs to be considered before choosing Java or Kotlin.

Full Stack Developer v/s Specialised Developer

As the technology is growing fast and due to daily updates in coding standards and skills, a developer needs to cope up with new trends in technology. Just knowing a single language will not work everytime. On the other hand, specialised developer have up to date knowledge in specific technology in which they are working.


Let’s understand the term full stack developer and specialised developer and then decide what is best for your project development.