Full Stack Developer v/s Specialised Developer
Full Stack Developer v/s Specialised Developer


Full Stack Developer v/s Specialised Developer

Full Stack Developer  

Developers who work on front-end and back-end both while getting themselves involved in planning process with client and understanding of the project flow. Full Stack developers design database, develop backend as well as front end UI/UX using reactive technologies.


Full Stack developers can work on technologies like Vue JS, Angular, Node JS, React, PHP, Java, .Net, HTML & CSS, MySql, Firebase, Software testing, scalability, architecture etc.


Specialised Developer

Developers who are working on technology specific to single discipline are termed as specialised developer. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have knowledge about project flow and other related terms but they are very updated with latest things in their domain and can roll over within specific technology deeply.


These people are those who are ready to go with database and their technology development and modelling.


Pros and Cons: Full Stack Developer v/s Specialised Developer

Defining each ones pros and cons will give a better idea about whom you should select for your project. 


Full Stack Developer Pros

  • Have knowledge of various stages of software development.

  • Can quickly identify the issues and resolve it.

  • Can make a decision based on his/her understanding and do not require any special meeting for discussing project flow.

  • Many times the cost of Full Stack developers is quite less as they can do multiple things compared to specialised developer. So no need to hire different resources for different tasks.

  • Flexible with any other new technology and to-do attitude towards anything new.


Full Stack Developer Cons

  • Time management sometimes get disturbed because of less knowledge in that specific technology and learning phase.

  • As Working on multiple things, full stack developer is not able to keep oneself upto date with latest trends in technology.

  • Sometimes working in team becomes difficult for them.


Specialised Developer Pros

  • Highly skilled work can be delivered by the developer for each project.

  • Has updated knowledge of everything which comes under that specific technology.

  • Whatever responsibilities assigned are fulfilled conveniently.


 Specialised Developer Cons

  • Hiring 2 developers for both front-end and backend will cost more compared to full stack developer.

  • They are dependent on other developers or designers in a project flow.


What points should I consider for hiring full stack developer or specialised developer?

On the basis of pros and cons discussed above, check which criteria should be taken into consideration while hiring developer for your project.



One should check first what’s the budget and then decide to hire full stack developer if budget is quite low, while good work needed with little more time spent.


Quality Of Project

If you want top-notch application to be developed then it is obvious you will need a team of quality developers who can work on your project and bring optimum solution.


Project Complexity

If project is not very complex and has a number of small tasks with clear functionality and flow then going with full stack developer is good.


Size of the Project

If the project id scalable and many things are going to come in future then hiring specialised developer is good options. While if you are a startup, then initially going with full stack developer would be the best option as there are many things which can be done with a single resource.


Concluding... One should hire developers based on the project they are going to work on. Hire full stack developer for your startup or hire specialised developer for your enterprise project from Skywave Infotech.


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