How Much Upgrade And Mobile App Maintenance Costs?
How Much Upgrade And Mobile App Maintenance Costs?
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How Much Upgrade And Mobile App Maintenance Costs?

Should I pay for maintaining and upgrading my mobile or web app? How much upgrade and mobile app maintenance costs in reality? These questions are trending ones and everyone needs an answer. Here you will get to know the real cost of upgrading and maintaining an application.


In beginning mobile app development proves to be little costly, but many app owners forget the continued maintenance cost for mobile app. These fees differ from app to app and can play a meaningful role to your app’s total profitability. Hence, you should wisely take decision and consider the ongoing mobile app maintenance cost. Here you will get overview of each expense, amount of efforts needed for the maintenance services and reason to maintain mobile app.


Reason behind maintaining your app


All of the hard work is finished and you finally submit your app to App store and/or Google Play. Now, your app may also be downloaded with the aid of the customers and deliver you revenue within the effect. So is that a happy finish of your app development story? Nope. It’s simply an end of the chapter. Now the real fight for user’s awareness begins! And how do we find out what to and what steps you must restrict? Handy, look at the losers and don’t repeat their mistakes. Hence, we're curious about reasons why apps fail. There used to be a research achieved with the aid of Standish group, they have requested IT executives one query - “why do the apps fail?”, listed below are the answers they acquired:


Upgrade and Mobile App Maintenance costs includes:


Hosting services


To let your mobile or web app available 24/7 to your users hosting services are primary requirement. Hosting services vary on the basis of the performance, space, optimization, customer support and many more. Mobile apps also require backend API’s to be hosted for better performance of apps the API response needs to be quick and it can only be obtained by better server. This cost can be on monthly, yearly basis or according to owner’s requirement.


Analyzing and constant monitoring


Monetization is needed if you want to keep watch on the activities of your user. And analysis of user activities is necessary for constant growth as you can take actions accordingly to gain more profit.


Additionally, apps will have crash/error reporting and performance monitoring. There are also a lot of platforms that provide same services without cost, but fixing and improving issues would incur extra charges. You might need someone on call to hear these bugs and provide you a solution.


Engaging users of app


Consistency is the key to hold your customer or to make a user to your customer. You need to update the content and need to perform live actions which proves to be useful for users such as email, push notification, fresh content updation or special events alert. It must be ensured that there is always new events or content updating in your app so that user gets a meaningful reason to come again to your app. This cost vary depending on type of engagement. It could either take efforts from developers or from content creators who handles the app flow and events.


Marketing of app


One of the indirect and most important cost which comes under mobile app maintenance cost is marketing of your built application. Obviously, the app needs to be represented in the market after successful launching. Just because your app is wonderful not makes compulsory for every person on internet would find your app and start using it, you need a appropriate marketing plan and seo services. You will likely need an experienced team of marketing to walk you through this process.


App updates


No app can be perfect in version 1. Just look around play store you will find every app that is updated at specific amount of time and new changes and addons are titled below the “What’s new?” section. Upgrade cost in mobile app maintenance costs depends on how the big features are and how the involved bug fixes might be.



Upgrade and Mobile app maintenance costs approximately 15-20% of mobile app development cost. To cut the overpay for mobile app maintenance you need to keep in mind below points:


  • Your app should be built to achieve success.

  • The upgrade and bug fixing should be given to original developers of app.

  • Listen to the feedback of uses and visitors.

  • Choose platforms wisely which answers your demands.


Application maintenance is a continued process to keep your app alice and better in performance. And your app is the place where you need to offer new things every other day to keep in touch with your existing user and engage more visitors to app users.


If you wish to build a mobile app for your business or you need a perfect guidance for mobile app maintenance costs then you can reach out to us by dropping an email at [email protected]. We welcome you at any phase and would be happy to help you in our best ways.


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