Increase Your Sales By Building Your Own Real Time Chatbot
Increase Your Sales By Building Your Own Real Time Chatbot

Increase Your Sales By Building Your Own Real Time Chatbot

If you are here then you would definitely come across online chatbots, Right? You would have seen many chatbots like FB, Slack, Aivo, Botsify, Chatfuel and many more.

Got a thought to get your own chatbot for your website or a mobile application? Keep reading. I am gonna carry you through from the very beginning to AI based chatbot.

What to use for building Real Time Chatbot?

WebSockets are the one which is the best option to build real time chatbot application. WebSocket allows full duplex connection over a single TCP connection. Also, connection can be made to any socket endpoint using its javascript library.

Why WebSockets Are Preferred For Chatbot Development?

Persistent connection, faster delivery and bidirectional communication are its main features which provokes one to use websocket. It allows two way communication between client and server. Some advantages of using WebSocket over https ajax requests are:

  1. Realtime actions: What if you would have to wait for 30 sec every time to receive new messages?  Frustrating it will be for you to wait loong. But this works as a passing messages to common channel where everyone connected to that channel will get notified.

  2. Stream Processing: WebSockets can easily stream images and videos to the channel and all users who have joined it can access it.

  3. Less Overhead: HTTP is a stateless protocol, so it will send header every time the request has been sent. Thus, the size of application might get larger than expected. 

Let’s Dive Into Real Fun

Check this live demo available on Heroku and what’s good? That this code is freely available on GitHub.

In frontend, this chatbot has been developed in Angular, if you don’t know then you need to take a look into it. So download this code and deploy over the server after integrating it to your website.

Yes, you can definitely change settings like custom message when a user visits your website, change profile image. You can also collect user information like name and email and follow up afterwards.

 Interesting? Yes it is. There are lots of hacks that can be done to get a measurable increase in sales.

Translate your bot into different languages, so that it can interact with any person from any region of the world. This way you gotta varied range of customer and clients for your products or services.

Wrapping Up

Still finding building your own chatbot difficult? No worries. We at Skywave Infotech has experts in developing AI based chatbots as per your business requirements. We are just an email away to make you reach new heights in business by leveraging the power of real time chatbots. Share your idea at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to assist you.


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