React Native vs Native App Development - Benefits, Pros & Cons, Quality
React Native vs Native App Development - Benefits, Pros & Cons, Quality
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React Native vs Native App Development - Benefits, Pros & Cons, Quality

“Mobile app development is hovering high with Statista predicting that mobile apps will generate roughly $189 billion in international revenues by way of the year 2020.”


Because the number of smartphone users increases, so does the necessity for apps that aid in making existence a lot more convenient and bother-free.


Most of the people are banging their heads in confusion between React Native vs Native App Development. The question about choosing between React Native and Native App Development always come in front of the vendors who wish to develop a mobile app for their business or any personal interest. Many other questions like, Are React Native Apps good for my small business? How much would be difference in cost for developing React Native and Native App? Would React Native App give me better quality than Native App development?


To answer all your questions and help you choose the technology wisely, our team of experts at iApps Developers sat down to come up with the best-suited solution as per the requirements of the client.


React Native is an open source and beautiful framework developed by Facebook to ease up the development and let developers built a single app for both Android and iOS. One single codebase can work for both with the same UI/UX experience and you don’t need to develop mobile app separately for different platform. While Native App development goes with core coding and libraries which are different for both Android and iOS platform.

React Native vs Native App Development - Benefits

Developing a mobile app in React Native can be benefited as it is,

  • Cost-effective

  • Less time consuming

  • Smooth and easy cross-platform mobile development

  • Same UI/UX experience

  • Big community support

  • Maximum code saving and reuse

  • Live reload

  • Strong performance for the mobile environment


On the other side, Native App development has below-given benefits,

  • Runs faster in comparison to React to Native apps

  • More secure and reliable

  • Shows up in the app store

  • Easy to add new features

  • Integrate better with mobile hardware

  • Works offline


What’s the difference between a Native app and a React Native app when it comes to quality?

If you want to amaze users and absolutely leverage the capabilities of mobile device, Native apps are the most likely way to go. Constructing a native software means constructing software peculiarly for a platform – whether that’s iOS, Android or any other platform is up to you.


React Native apps are just a bunch of web pages developed with HTML, CSS and wrapped with browser level technologies which can run on any platforms.


Yes, React native apps are cheaper but at the same time you also have to compromise with quality in comparison to Native apps. The mobile app developed natively can be greater optimised with performance quality and hardware compatibility. Standard nature and secured environment can be achieved with native apps.


React Native vs Native App Development - Cons

Though having a couple of benefits of both technologies, they have their own cons which need to be taken into consideration.


React Native App Development Cons:


No longer support all APIs


React Native does no longer aid the entire native APIs. Probably the most used APIs are supported, but many times there is a need to get access to different APIs or performance. This may also be carried out through native modules that are defined beneath.


Native Modules


Considering that, not all performance is integrated in React Native development, this has been solved through the introduction of Native Modules. These modules are constituents of the code that are written within the native language and then integrated into the rest of the code. This can be a decent approach of solving the difficulty of not having aid for all APIs, however, it requires the developers to have abilities about the native language, which is something that the developer might be wanted to avert by using selecting React Native. It additionally outcome in code duplication because the native module must be written for each Android and iOS individually.


Third party libraries


React Native has a smaller community than the native development and in addition less third-party libraries.




Android and iOS native app development look distinctive and have exceptional design instructional materials. Separate code to follow the design recommendations for both React Native and Native app development needs to be written.


Doubt about long term support


There's uncertainty regarding the long-term support for React Native. Facebook would sooner or later decide to stop updating the framework or the native platform could make changes which can be difficult to wrap around.


Native App Development Cons:


Need to develop two apps for the same requirements


The large disadvantage is the truth that each and every native utility needs to be developed separately for the distinctive platform. Unluckily, these two applications will differ loads, and no code may also be shared between them. Talking about the backend, it is the whole different utility which can be identical for both the types.


Costly and time-consuming


As application are developed natively they are charged more. The cost of the native mobile app development is high but it is worth it's quality, performance, UI/UX and many more.


React Native vs Native App Development - Choose wisely

Confused? No worries. Let the expert team at iApps Developers guide you for selecting between react native and native app development. At last, it all depends on your requirements and how big your idea about the app is.


You can reach us any time just by dropping an email at [email protected]. We will be glad to have you hear and help you out for your business or personal mobile app development.


Let us know your views about React Native vs Native App development in the comment box given below or Get in touch to talk to our experts about your next project!


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