Server Cost For Mobile and Web App
Server Cost For Mobile and Web App
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Server Cost For Mobile and Web App

“Why do I have to keep paying after my app is published?”


Building and designing a mobile and web app for business is important in present century. And so is the above question that comes first in anyone’s mind after publishing the mobile/web app. Among all costs, server cost for mobile app and server cost for web app is most important to take into notice.


It becomes difficult for owners if the estimated server cost for mobile app and web app is calculated wrong initially. Just imagine: You have 1000, 5000 and recursively increasing users upto 100000 per day and all users supplement the application database with messages, photos, video and eats up the bandwidth of your server. Time comes when your mobile app or web app become a “dead” project because of high maintenance.


Let us help you out in this article to calculate server cost for mobile app and server cost for web app and avoid unpleasant financial surprises after the app launching.


On what basis server cost for an app can be calculated?

Server cost for mobile app varies with server cost for web app many times. There are many factors on which pricing depends. Here are few of them discussed below:

  • Number of users

  • Complexity of a mobile/web app

  • Gigabyte storage for each user

  • Megabit bandwidth for each user

  • Type of server

  • Does app requires backend?

  • Server’s performance

  • Equipment maintenance expenses

  • Technical support charges

  • Quality of hardware

  • And a lot of other factors

Thus it can be understood that hosting costs are not just characterized by the space required but also rely on many factors which adds into the mobile/web app performance.


Server cost for an app with increasing users

The server requirements vary widely for the app with increasing number of users. It depends on many factors such as hardware, application used, bandwidth required among other users etc.


There is no single answer to the question “How much it costs for server for mobile or web app?”


Each application has different CPU size, memory (RAM) and disk requirements but we at SkyWave Infotech can help you to figure it out and can provide you the best budget for your business app whether it is small or large scale.


We can say probably the first thing to be considered while choosing a server is its function. Just like,

  • What form of server do you need?

  • Do you need a file server?

  • Are you watching for a database server that handles tons of person queries advantages from a big (12- or 16-core) CPU?

  • Do you need database server (also known as SQL engine) which is priceless for companies and have numerous knowledge to handle on a standard basis and is rather more effective than a file server. In addition, there are also net servers and software servers, which have framework-specified requirements, so the number of customers of the database impacts how amazing you should go together with the hardware.


Use case for server cost for web app

In present days, many websites uses CDN (Content Delivery Network) depending upon the type of content. One illustration of static content or the content which does not changes frequently are internet objects, video streaming, software downloads, online offerings, and other static content. So, it usually is better for a faster send/receive rate with smaller programs; nonetheless, a committed server is a better option for a greater-consumer visitors load, considering the fact that it doesn’t use multiple servers and networks world wide to provide the content.


Use case for server cost for mobile app

Once the mobile app is published, story is not over. You need to put new content, track your users, improve and even remove some features which are not useful to users. All this needs to be done to sustain in the competition of IT business. We have one business who sells clothes online. The owner needs to maintain all orders, money transactions, add new items, remove old ones and many other actions are done out of sight. This mobile app also requires to handle these queries and actions, needs multiple roles and permission for admins and super-admin. System like above needs a dedicated server with quite bigger space and bandwidth. We are offering a perfect hosting plan to this business and it is running successfully and performing far better than competitors.


A good rule to keep in mind!

A good rule for server cost for web app or mobile app is to finance 20% of the rate of initial development when calculating how much it will cost to maintain an application. If your initial development costs are $100000, that you would be able to reasonably anticipate to spend about $20,000 per year to maintain your app.


If you wish for us to give a absolute server cost for mobile/web app for your project or business application then reach us out at [email protected]. We will give you a quick estimation for cost of mobile or web app at a best price available with us.




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