How to get Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) API key?
How to get Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) API key?


How to get Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) API key?

Google FIrebase Cloud Messaging system allows user to send notification to the mobile application developed by you. You can also receive information from it. Here you will find how to get FCM sender id and server key. To use WP Firebase Push Notification, you will only need server key.

Steps To Get FCM Server Key

1. Go to firebase console via this link:

You will see the below page after signing in with your Gmail id.

2. Click on ‘Create Project’ and then you will be redirected to the page below where you can see all your projects and also a ‘Add Project’ button.


3. After clicking on add project you will get a page where you need to follow simple steps as mentioned in the instructions. You will need to add Project name, your project’s bundle id and accept the terms and conditions. You will also get a page where you have to check whether you want Mobile App Analytics or not.

4. There are some default settings of Firebase and other policies which needs to be taken into consideration and check it. Click on ‘Add Firebase’ button to add your project.

5. Adding new project will take some time and show you loader page as below.

6. After continuing, you will be able to see dashboard as below where you see all analytics, settings, quality, and manage with what platform you want to go i.e. Android, iOS, or Unity 3D. You can add all 3 platforms but here we will generate server key for Android app while adding server key in  WP Firebase Push Notification plugin will send all devices who has this app installed in Android, iOS or else if it a game in Unity 3D.

7. Clicking on Android icon, it will redirect us to new page configure our android application to add Firebase in it. Here you have to follow instructions as given in the page and add details appropriately. 

8. After registering android app a file google-services.json will get created which you need to download and place it in the root directory of the project.


9. You also need to add a part of code as Firebase SDK and let your application know to use google-service.json file to get configured with Firebase. After that notifications will start working with the app on whatever android device the app is installed.



10. Click on gear button and you will see ‘Project setting’ menu and click on it.


11. In Settings, navigate to ‘Cloud Messaging’ tab where you will be able to see Server Key and Legacy Server Key with Sender id. For WP Firebase Push Notification plugin, you just need to copy server key and paster it in a box inside plugin settings.


After all these steps you will be able to send push notifications from website for any new blog or page posted.

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