Why Choose Laravel VueJS Over Other Web Development Frameworks?
Why Choose Laravel VueJS Over Other Web Development Frameworks?


Why Choose Laravel VueJS Over Other Web Development Frameworks?

Why Choose Laravel VueJS Over Other Web Development Frameworks?

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Laravel developers would be knowing very well that Vue JS comes pre-configured when installed Laravel. Web developers are choosing Laravel VueJS for creating enterprise and progressive web applications, because of its usability and easiness.


Founders of Laravel and VueJS both believes in simplicity, elegance and readability of code and though uphold all its values. With VueJS you can create progressive and single page web application. Combination of both of these versatile frontend and backend framework allows you to create an awesome application with high performance.

But big companies use React or Angular

Many big companies in US are not using VueJS right now in their production environment. At the same time big tech companies in China like Alibaba, Baidu, Xiaomi are already using it in their production. In particular, these online eCommerce platforms use it for single day sales.


But I read that React is faster than VueJS

No! VueJS might be bit slower in startup but has better performance and can be optimized upto great extent than React. The underlying component of data-driven view is similar to React and Angular. Vue JS embraces HTML, CSS, JS as they are and not everything in JS-approach.


Why Laravel Developers Choose VueJS?

Laravel developer leverages VueJS to develop user interface because they can accomplish markdown previewer by few lines of code using power of VueJS. There are some points which will clear things about laravel VueJS confusion;

  • With VueJS single page web application can be built.

  • Very easy to learn and implement

  • Help in building optimum frontend pages.

  • Components based structure and event driven web app development

  • Each task can be performed in front end.

  • Flexible structure and can be changed as per the need.


Thus due to its fast and smooth execution, owner, companies and enthusiast has chosen laravel vueJS framework for their business web app development.


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