Our Solutions

Our innovation-fuelled resemblance to IT solutions helps enterprises to transform business applications. SkyWave Infotech has predominantly focused on offering top-notch solutions to their clients to meet future business needs. Our solutions includes full-fledged assistance from designing to development to marketing and sales.

GPS Tracking Solutions

We are global partners in providing robust and white labeled GPS tracking software. Our objective is to ease-up the lives of human by leveraging GPS technology and transforming it into adaptive and low-cost business applications. With an intuitive user interface, we develop GPS based applications which are mobile-friendly and easy to use.

Our GPS applications includes push notifications, real-time tracking, history and reports, vehicle health monitoring and many other expert features only developed by Skywave Infotech. Below are some of our expert solutions,

  • Asset Tracking System
  • School Bus Tracking System
  • Small Child Geo Tracking and Geo-fencing
  • Fleet Management System
  • Cab Booking System
  • Vehicle Sharing System

IOT Solutions

Internet of Things has already taken place of lots of manual tasks in day-to-day life. With the main aim to facilitate lifestyle of people, and providing power to accomplish things with finger taps and voice technology, IoT is one of the most growing technology in the world. IoT applications developed by team of experts at Skywave Infotech are very efficient and scalable in nature.

We have server more our clients with best IoT solution by giving proper consultation. Our solution includes lower market risk and higher profitability for businesses.

Smart Home Integration
Smart Plantation and Automation
Connected Devices Solution
Smart Restaurant System
Smart Library System
Smart Car Device Integration

Beacon Solutions

Beacon being low powered bluetooth chip or device, has lots of usability in real life. Many possibilities in fields of marketing, healthcare industry, analytics, manufacturing industry have been implemented through beacon app development. Beacon is beautiful chip which can be integrated anywhere and monitoring in various formats can be done.

Skywave Infotech has expertise in developing beacon integrated systems and even have consulted businesses for the usage of beacon in any specific industry to gain more profit and benefits from it. Here are some of our most used beacons solutions,

Beacon Based Healthcare System
Real Estate Marketing
Art Gallery Awareness System
Automobile and Logistics Solutions
Store Offers and Discount Awareness
Proximity Marketing

On Demand Marketplace

Customers are always looking for easy delivery of the products, services or whatever item you are selling as a business. For that on demand application can serve in best ways to promote and help you get repetitive customers for your business. Our experts has helped many owners to transform their business with growth hack strategies by developing mobile application and web portal.

User can find everything at one place and can choose, compare, mark as favourite and do many things within the app. This way owner gets to know about customer’s choices and can improve and manage parts of their services accordingly.

On Demand Food Delivery Solutions
On Demand Healthcare Solutions
On Demand Ecommerce Platform
On Demand Movers and Packers
On Demand Taxi Booking App
On Demand Project Development

Catalogue Solutions

People have no space to store your business’ marketing material for their reference even if they need. We have unique catalogue solutions for any businesses which can be opted to have your business stand out of the box. Smart glass, AR, VR and many other technologies have made it possible for owners to get their own catalogue application.

Through digital marketing via catalogue solutions, one can save lots of papers and make the material reusable. This will automatically decrease the cost and increase ROI. Below are some solutions for various industries,

  • Product Catalogue App Development
  • Food Menu App Development
  • Beacon Based Catalogue App Development
  • E-Catalogue for Ceramic Industry
  • E-Catalogue for Hardware and Tools
  • Custom Catalogue Solutions

Automotive and Logistics Solutions

We have helped lots of Automotive industry with our advance solutions. We were able to help industries achieve more revenue after applying IoT and cloud based automobile solutions. Endless number of problems have been solved and process has become more smooth. By integrating GPS technology, we we able to give optimum product which has automatic procedure and decision making capabilities.

Such logistics solutions have cut the cost and increase the efficiency in the industry, while increasing the employment standard. Transportation has become easiest thing after implementing process driven applications in business. Have a look at some of our automotive and logistics solutions below,

Inbound Logistics Solutions
Internal Logistics Maintenance
Network Planning System
Transport Management App Development
Vehicle Diagnostic Solution
Cloud Based Logistic Solution

Lifestyle and Hospitality Solutions

Owning a Hotel or resort? Then you might have thought of giving the utter comfort to your customers by any means. IT solutions for lifestyle and hospitality can make huge difference in this industry. Technologies like IoT, chatbot, iBeacons are blooming in the industry and have proven success ratio. Smart mobile applications give power to users to choose what’s perfect for their life and what fits in the best ways.

Our developers have already developed many mobile and web based applications to make life easier. Couple of taps can bring you what you need in front and this is the beauty of technology in lifestyle and hospitality industry.

Online Food Delivery Platform
Smart Retail Management
Restaurant Booking App Development
Travel Booking App Development
Dating App Development
Beacon Based Marketing Solution

Voice Enabled Solutions

Searches over internet are changing into voice searches. Meanwhile, voice enabled technology has also taken a huge curve in IT industry. Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri are already dominating the voice enabled industry. Leveraging these devices, developers at Skywave Infotech has created useful applications for individual businesses to help them interact with their customers in better ways.

We help in developing voice skills for Alexa and other voice enabled platforms. Era of typing over the screen has went away and don’t let your organization remain in less advanced level of technology. Find some solutions below to get an idea of how voice enabled technology can help your business.

Voice Technology App For Friendly Disabled
Real Estate Agents Marketing App
Alexa App Development
Alexa Skill Development
Voice Enabled Chatbot
Customized Voice Skills Development

Integrated Chatbot Solutions

Chatbots are ruling over almost all industries. Who doesn’t like quick and proper response for their queries? Chatbots have power to accomplish them all and giving satisfied user experience over various platforms like mobile or web. Our experts can give you relevant and proper guidance for integrating chatbot in your web or mobile applications. 

We have expertise in developing chatbots in various platforms and train them to be the best in front of your customers. We develop chatbots which can learn things by themselves and become smarter day-by-day. Our E-commerce chatbots have helped many online shopping businesses to make huge profit by automating the process and smooth conversation. Find some of out solutions below,

Facebook Chatbot Development
Restaurant Chatbot Development
WhatsApp Chatbot Development
Machine Learning Chatbots
Custom Bot Development
Chatbot SDK Integration in Existing App

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare is one of the top growing industry and people have seriously started taking care of themselves. Skywave Infotech has expert in-house and white labeled solutions for health and fitness industries. We offer healthcare business consulting, application development and maintenance, testing, research and development. 

We understand the necessity and importance of healthcare solutions in ones life and thereby we have experienced developers who help in developing the best application by inputting own insights. We believe in providing the solutions which meets your business goals with the safety keeping in mind. Find some of our healthcare and fitness solutions which we have expertise in,

Automatic Health Check Up and Reminder
Smart Apps to Store Data Insights
Connected Life Solutions
Therapy Management Software
Laboratory Diagnostics Solutions
Fitness Wearable Solutions